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Speckling of Phep'zir Raag, the Dune Walker by Raedrob Speckling of Phep'zir Raag, the Dune Walker by Raedrob
Midwives of Discord has this song called "Dunewalker", which involves this gargantuan being.
The size of the ancient demon is unfathomable, and what I'm depicting here is merely a teeny tiny part of the whole horror that is the Dunewalker.
If ya didn't know, I'm a big fan of the Midwives and am loving the concept of this creature.
This isn't necessary "canon" to how they imagine the Dunewalker, it's just me doing some silly fanart.
Personal note: the mountains look kinda cool :P

EDIT: Totally check out the song over here [link]
Obelion Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Obelion here, part of the midwives, and especially the one who provided the whole electric back ground track for the song. This picture here gives me the creeps. The multiple mouths and eyes compared to the very small Daring Doo is absolutely awesome. The overwhelming-ness of the deity called Dunewalker was very well represented in this picture. I like it. You did a very good job!
Raedrob Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
Thank you very much!
I'm really happy that you like it.
I started to doubt it was any good as I progressed, but that's pretty standard to me.
It's super motivational to get positive feedback though, I really appreciate it.
Every member of the Midwives are doing their part with creating awesome music,
and you deserve more recognition. I hope to help out some with that by doing the one thing I love to do =)
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